Friday, April 6, 2012

klabat guidemountain guide jotje lala

guide jotje lala on top of klabat mountain

onthe treo of klabat mountain

guide jotje lala with the group from germany on the top of klabat mountain

guide jotje lala

panorama from the top of klabat

soputan mountain guide jotje lala

north sulawesi soputan volcano guide

North sulawesi soputan volcano guide jotje lala.

guide jotje lala is the guide base on north sulawesi indonesia can also guide you to the soputan volcano.
Soputan volcano is one of active volcano in the world.This volcano is located in minahasa highland north sulawesi indonesia.theare 3 crater in this volcano ocupied  of neoplantes or picture plants.
If your destination first is volcanoes tour in north sulawesi .this tour is probably is yours.
I am guide jotje lalaoffer you thebest of your volcano dreams.

north sulawesi lokonvolcano guide jotje lala

Lokon volcano guide jotje lala and guide for sulawesi indonesia.

Lokon volcano is on the north part of guide jotje lala village where the wailan inn stand as traveller place for sleepping.
Lokon volcano last eruption on 13 september 2014 whe i was there with acouple from denmark.
Lokon volcano is active and impresive volcano one of active in the world.
if you climb lokon volcano is nice start early in the morning or before sunrise.
contact me if you like todo this lokon volcano tour.

mahawu volcano guide jotje lala

north sulawesi mahawu volcano guide.

Guide jotje lala can also guide for mahawu volcano.
mahawuvolcano is located to tomohon city north sulawesi indonesia.
THe best of mahawu volcano is the panorama from the top.
where you can see klabat mountain,soputan volcano,tomohon city,bitungcity,manado city and karagetana volcano in siau island when the wether is good [no claudy]
karangetan volcano you can see before sunrise and after sunrise disapear.
This guide jotje lala expirience.I organize to stay in this mountain because has already ranger house now in this vocano but you must book if you like to stay here.
beside the crater tosee this volcano isthe home of birdwacher to see scaly kingfisher,pigmy parrots, large parots and sombre pigeon and so on.
contact me guide jotje lala if like to see the best of this place.

north sulawesi minahasa higland tour guide

north sulawesi minahasa highland tour guide.

guide can also guide and shw you the best of minahasa highland
remember one day is alot tosee.
what to see with guide jotje lala.
1 tondano lake
2 linow lake
 3kali water fall or pinaras water fall and tinoor water fall.
 4 traditional minahasa  wooden house industry
5japanes cave
6 tomohon market
7 toraget hotspring for swimming
8 waruga [prechristian tombs] in sawangan or in tomohon
9pottery maker in pulutan
and so on.
you can see in this information